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  About Frank Based out of Brockville, Ontario, Frank Cipra has been creating art since the 1980s. It wasn’t until 1991 when he saw the artwork on Ed Belfour’s mask, created by the legendary Greg Harrison, that he became interested in goalie masks. He found that this medium combined his two passions - hockey and art - and he was hooked. He soon left his job at an advertising agency and began airbrushing full-time. Frank has since completed over 3,000 masks for goalies at all levels of play, including the NHL and Olympics. He produced some of the most iconic NHL goalie artwork of his generation with his work for Itech Hockey, while some of his masks remain on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame. In 2005, Frank expanded his business to include other outlets for his craft. He’s painted cars, motorcycles, helmets, boats, and even remote-controlled boats. He opened a new shop in 2011 in Frankville, Ontario, to support his busy practice. He also teaches airbrushing classes at a local art school. To begin each project, Frank schedules a discussion with his client. It can be as short as a five-minute conversation or as long as a detailed email. He then draws from his imagination and vast experience to create the final illustration. Feel free to contact Frank with your ideas. He looks forward to working on your next project. Over the years Frank has done many interviews, here are a few, as well as some news items: Eddie Pasquale’s Bizarre Caps Mask InGoal Magazine USA Today Yahoo Sports New York Times Brockville Recorder & Times Here is an interesting article about some of the amazing work Frank has done on motorcycles and trailers: MotorcycleMojo Magazine



Frank Cipra is the art world's best kept secret. For years you have seen his work adorn famous athletes in every area of hockey. If it can be painted and you want that "WOW" factor, look no further than the inspiring art of Frank Cipra!  


Feel free to contact Frank with your ideas. He looks forward to working on your next project.
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 273 Highway #29.R.R.#1 Frankville, ON.K0E 1H0     frank@cipradesign.com     613.246.0921